Sometimes we take too much for granted. Life is merely what we think it is an, at the same time it’s exactly what we know it is.


I have kept this blog only as a hobby, as a way for me to decant so many things I think and feel about fashion. Sometimes I don’t pay too much attention to it, and sometimes it turns out to be the only thing I want to do; but always, it´s my space to share with anyone who wants to see and read and/or listen. I write in English mainly because it helps me to write, it makes me concentrate more on what I’m writing I guess, even if my native language is Spanish.

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I moved recently to Santiago, Chile. So many things that were not what I wished for myself had been determining my life in Venezuela and it was turning to be very displeasing. These were not only the reasons that have awaken the protests and chaos in my country (which are many, and I agree with the protests, only I’m not a big protester, it’s just not in my blood), but also personal ones that make me search for ‘more’ (whatever that is)… more peace, more freedom (just to be able to walk on the streets and not be afraid of being kidnaped or robbed or even worse, be killed – which actually does happen often in my country – and to not be afraid that if a cop stops me on the street is to rob me or to do some corruption. That is the least freedom I ask for, for now), I search for a glimpse of success in my professional life, I just want a “real life” (if that even exists).

So I moved to Chile and I’m really calm. I have a lot of free time while I wait for my visa and permission to work here legally, and I have been online a lot. I found some pictures that may open your eyes to take more consideration about the others, and also may very well inspire you for fashion’s sake. The colors of these pictures are incredible and the content just make me want to look at them and think of that moment when the picture was taken.

foto-impactante48 foto-impactante8 foto-impactante9

Again, I think sometimes we take everything for granted, or we think life is what’s in front of us, and it is; but sometimes we have to open ourselves to new experiences, search for more, search for a new life if it’s necessary, and most importantly search within ourselves to appreciate what we’ve got. Don’t take life and everything for granted.

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Disclaimer: none of these pictures are mine, I took them from the web and just wanted to share their beauty. Mostly took them from these two contests from National Geographic. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.




A relaxed outfit to walk around Miami Beach a couple of weeks ago. Wore my new gladiator sandals which I absolutely love, they’re so confortable to walk in and very versatile. I also wore my oversized jean shorts, a white t-shirt and a fuzzy sweater. The bag wasn’t much in simphony with the outfit, but it’s a great shopper bag and I’m all into metallics lately, I don’t mind if they go together or not really. Thanks for visiting! Don’t forget to follow ;)


Wearing: sandals and cardigan – Pixiemarket , Shorts – vintage , t-shirt – Armani Exchange  

Photos by Roberto Paz Klindt


Top Picks: Headbands

Continuing my search for the best accessories out there, I have now been obsessing over headbands. On any bad hair day or to accessorise any outfit, a headband is always a great accessory (ask Blair Waldorf circa a million years ago if you’re still doubting). Headbands are the kind of accessories that come and go, there are many types of “headbands”, theres the tiara kind, theres the turban, the elastic wrap… and many others. Not every outfit is worthy of a headband, because as every other accessory, you have to know when and where to put it on; if you are not cautious, you can make as much of a disaster from your best outfit. So take a look at my top picks and get inspired to try some new ones on your next outfits!

Dolce and Gabbana Silver-plated Swarovski crystal headband Eugenia Kim Audra Crystal headband Eugenia kim Daisy embellished flower metal headbands Jennifer Behr Bow-detailed silk-satin headband tasha 'Juliette' Cap Tasha Inky Dot Headband

Images via: Net-A-Porter and Nordstrom


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jen law on red car bunny carrot red hat

I haven’t been posting lately due to the profound feelings I have towards what is happening in my country. I am from Venezuela and I’m here, living this political, social and economical disaster that I would rather not discuss on this blog because it is not its main focus. However, I haven’t felt any motivation to be focusing my energies towards anything else than what is happening in the country, but today I am feeling the need to distract myself from the awful situation and distress a little by sharing my Pinterest account with you. I know the fashion world is very much in another atmosphere and I have been paying attention to it and fashion week has been amazing; so many wonderful collections! Meanwhile, you can check some of my inspirations on my Pinterest and get inspired to keep rocking your individuality. I leave you my account here, so follow me; and check out some of the things I’ve repined  below.

bianca creams SONY DSC knitted vest lilly tth




The way we see ourselves and the way we present ourselves is a topic so many times left aside. It is so normal to get up every normal and think of what you have to do and get dressed, get ready to go out to the world and be in contact with other people, and not think of what it means to do this and the implications it has.

There’s other people out there who make their minds about you, who get an idea of you and who are expecting something out of you, something you can fulfill, you can disappoint or maybe you can succeed. The moment you put on a piece of clothing, you are somehow indicating something to everyone around you, and most importantly, you are indicating to yourself that you want to be seen in a certain way.

No wonder we worry so much about other people. A few posts ago I wrote about why we care so much about what other people think of us. And I also made a post about what beauty is. But now I think about why we choose the clothes we choose every morning (or whatever time you get ready at) and what we’re thinking about when we get dressed.

Now, to be honest, this is a topic I am most definitely interested in and that’s why our (my partner and I) whole thesis to graduate sociology was on this topic. The fact that when we get dressed means we are mainly going somewhere, otherwise we would stay in our pajamas or whatever indicates the very social importance fashion has for human kind. We often think where we’re going, what we’re going to do there, who we’re going to meet, how is the situation most probably going to develop; and all of these element make a meaning out of what we wear.

Of course, it’s not only these elements; there are many other elements just as important to take notice to understand how personal and how social (as dialectic as that can be) the clothing we wear can be. We get dressed according to what we think of ourselves, what we were raised to be like, or how we’re going to rebel. We wear what we like, we buy things we identify with, we somehow manage to mix everything we THINK everyone is expecting of us and everything we like, according to a situation, the people you’re going to meat, the weather, the colors that “suit you” and everything else. We mix all of this and create an outfit out what we have in our closets.

Everyone does this. And there’s a reason we all do it in a certain way so that we end up looking alike or different. Imitation and distinction suddenly make their own order in the fashion system. You can click there and see what I’ve written before about that. And then there are sets of trends that suddenly appear in fashion; the magazines write about them, the bloggers present them, follow them and create them, and then, fashion continues to exist.

Do you have any thoughts on this topic? How do you get dressed in the morning? Please don’t hesitate to comment, let’s get the conversation going!